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(The former site was perfidiously shanghaied by an unscrupulous entity that scarfed up the domain name.  I refuse to pay ransom.)

Traditional and modern woven straw House Blessings, Love Knots, and HATS!(for both men and women).  Designs from around the world, from many eras.
And now, in 2013, the book you have all been waiting for! The Straw Art Companion:  Instructions, Projects, and History. By JeffreyPaul Jones, and Cora Hendershot! $30.00.  You really need this book!

To place an order, check out the designs, and either email me at wheatgoddesses@yahoo.com, or call me at 213-361-6754.
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Show Schedule for 2013

February 2 and 3:  Riverside (CA) Dickens Faire.  Downtown Riverside, near the Mission Inn.  As StrawbendersLtd, hats and bonnets.

February 15, 16, 17, 18: San Jose (CA)  Pantheacon, in the Double Tree Inn. In the Vendor Room, wheat weavings and hats.

March 8, 9,10: Tucson (AZ):  Wild, Wild West Steampunk Convention.  As StrawbendersLtd, hats and bonnets.

April 6, 7;13, 14; 20, 21;27,28; May 4, 5; 11, 12; 18, 19:  Irwindale (CA)  Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire.  At the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area.  This is the big one for California for me:  I will have everything I do here.

May 25, 26: Costa Mesa (CA): Costa Mesa Highland Games. At the Costa Mesa Fairgrounds.  In the breezeway, probably, with Elspeth's Designs.  wheat weavings and hats.

June 22, 23:  Vista (CA): San Diego Scottish Highland Games. At Brengle Terrace Park.  wheat weavings and hats.

July 6, 7:  San Pedro (CA):  Old Fort MacArthur Days.  At Fort MacArthur.  As StrawbendersLtd, bonnets and hats.

August 24, 25, weekends including Labor Day, through October 22: Annapolis (MD).  Maryland Renaissance Festival. On Crownsville Road. This is the big one on the East Coast:  I will have everything I do here.

September 28, 29: Vista (CA): Vista Viking Festival.  At the Vista Sons of Norway Lodge.  wheat weavings and hats.

November 22,23,24; December 7, 8; 14, 15; 21, 22. San Francisco (CA): Great Dickens Christmas Fair.  At the Cow Palace.  As StrawbendersLtd, hats and bonnets.

And that, folks, is enough shows for anyone.

Calendar of appearances for 2012:
January 7 and 8:  Riverside (CA) Dickens Faire
January 13, 14, and 15:  Long Beach (CA) Steampunk Symposium at the Queen Mary
February 17, 18, and 19:  San Jose (CA) Pantheacon at the Double Tree Hotel.
April 7 and 8: Irwindale (CA)Opening weekend of Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire, 50th Anniversary year
April 14 and 15

Calendar of appearances:  2011
Riverside Dickens Fair   January 22 and 23
Pantheacon  February 18, 19 and 20
So. Cal. Renaissance Fair weekends, April 9 -May 22
USS Highland Games May 28 and 29
San Diego Highland Games
June 25 and 26
Maryland Renaissance Festival  weekends, Aug 27 - Oct 23
Vista Viking Festival September 24 and 25
Tucson Highland Games November 5 and 6
Dickens Christmas Faire weekends, Nov 25 - Dec 18
San Francisco Women's Bldg. Celebration of Craftswomen    Nov 19 and 20 new dates
SWEA Christmas Fair Dec 4
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